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Track Name: Casimir Pulaski Day(Sufjan Stevens)
golden rod and the 4h stone, the things i brought you when i found out you had cancer of the bone. your father cried on the telephone and he drove his car into the navy yard just to prove that he was sorry. in the morning through the window shade, when the light pressed up against your shoulder blade, i could see what you were reading. all the glory that the lord has made, and the complications you could do without when i kissed you on the mouth.

tuesday night at the bible study, we lift our hands and pray over your body, but nothing ever happens. i remember at michael's house, in the living room when you kissed my neck and i almost touched your blouse. in the morning at the top of the stairs, when your father found out what we did that night, and you told me you were scared. all the glory when you ran outside, with your shirt tucked in and your shoes untied, and you told me not to follow you.

sunday night when i clean the house, i find the card where you wrote it out with the pictures of your mother. on the floor at the great divide, with my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied, i am crying in the bathroom.

in the morning when you finally go, and the nurse runs in with her head hung low, and the cardinal hits the window. in the morning, through the winter shade, on the first of march, on the holiday, i thought i saw you breathing. all the glory that the lord has made and the complications when i see his face, in the morning in the window. all the glory when he took our place, but he took my shoulders and he shook my face, and he takes, and he takes, and he takes.
Track Name: Glenn Tipton(Sun Kil Moon)
Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston.
Some like K.K. Downing more than Glenn Tipton.
Some like Jim Neighbors, some Bobby Vinton.
I like 'em all.

I put my feet up on the coffee table.
I stay up late watching cable.
I like old movies with Clark Gable,
just like my dad does.

Just like my dad did when he was home,
stayin' up late, stayin' up alone.
Just like my dad did when he was thinkin',
of how fast the years fly.

I know an old woman who ran a donut shop.
She worked late serving cops.
And then one mornin', baby, her heart stopped.
Place ain't the same no more.

Place ain't the same no more,
not without my friend, Eleanor.
Place ain't the same no more,
man, how things change.

I buried my first victim when I was nineteen.
Went through her bedroom and the pockets of her jeans,
and found her letters that said so many things,
That really hurt me bad.

I never breathed her name again,
but I like to dream about what could'a been.
I never heard her calls again,
but I like to dream.
Track Name: Shady Grove(folk song)
shady grove my little love, shady grove i say
shady grove my little love i'm bound to go away
cheeks as red as the bloomin' rose, eyes of the prettiest brown
she's the darlin' of my heart, sweetest little girl in town

i wish i had a big fine horse and the corn to feed him on
and shady grove to stay at home and feed him while i'm gone
shady grove my little love, shady grove i say
shady grove my little love, i'm bound to go away.

kiss from pretty little shady grove is sweet as the brand new wine
there ain't no girl in this whole world who's prettier'n mine
shady grove my little love, shady grove i say
shady grove my little love, i'm bound to go away

went to see my shady grove, she was standin' in the door
her shoes and stockings in her hands and her little bare feet on the floor
shady grove my little love, shady grove i say
shady grove my little love, i'm bound to go away

when i was a little boy i wanted a barlow knife
now i want little shady grove to say she'll be my wife
shady grove my little love, shady grove i say
shady grove my little love, i'm bound to go away
Track Name: As I Roved Out
as i roved out on a bright May morning
to view the meadows and flowers gay
whom should i spy but my own true lover
as she sat under yon willow tree

i took off my hat and i did salute her
i did salute her most courageously
when she turned around well the tears fell from her
saying "false young man, you have deluded me"

a diamond ring i owned i gave you
a diamond ring to wear on your right hand
but the vows you made, you went and broke them
and married the lassie that had the land

if i married the lassie that had the land, my love
it's that i'll rue till the day i die
when misfortune falls, sure no man can shun it
i was blindfolded, i ne'er deny

now at nights when i go to my bed of slumber
the thoughts of my true love run in my mind
when i turn around to embrace my darling
instead of gold sure tis brass i find

and i wish the Queen would call home her army
from the West Indies, Amerikay, and Spain
and every man to his wedded woman
in hopes that you and i will meet again.
Track Name: Arthur Mcbride
oh my and my cousin one Arthur Mcbride
as we went a walkin down by the seaside
now mark what followed and what did betide
for it being on Christmas morning

out for recreation we went on a tramp
and we met Sergeant Napper and Corporal Vamp
and a little wee drummer intending to camp
for the day being pleasant and charming

Good Morning! Good Morning! the Sergeant did cry
and the the same to you gentlemen! we did reply
intending no harm but meant to pass by
for it being on Christmas morning

but says he my fine fellows if you will enlist
it's ten guinneas of gold i will slip in your fist
and a crown in the bargain for to kick up the dust
and drink the King's health in the morning

for a soldier he leads a very fine life
and he always is blessed with a charming young wife
and pays all his debts without sorrow or strife
and always lives pleasant and charming

and a soldier he always is decent and clean
in the finest of clothing he's constantly seen
while other poor fellows go dirty and mean
and sup on thin gruel in the morning

but says Arthur i wouldn't be proud of your clothes
for you've only the lend of them as i suppose
and you dare not change them one night for you know
if you do you'll be flogged in the morning

and although that we are single and free
we take great delight in our own company
and we have no desires strange faces to see
although that your offers are charming

and we have no desire to take your advance
all hazards and dangers we barter on chance
for you would have no scruples but to send us to France
where we would get shot without warning.

oh now! says the segeant i'll have no such chat
and i neither will take it from spalpeen or brat
for if you insult me with one other word
i'll cut off your heads in the morning

and then Arthur and I we soon drew our hods
and we scarce gave them time for to draw their own blades
when a trusty shelaileigh came over their heads
and bid them take that as fair warning

and their old rusty rapiers that hung by their side
we flung them as far as we could in the tide
"now take them out, Devils!" cried Arthur Mcbride
"and temper their edge in the morning"

and the little we drummer we flattened his pow
and we made a football of his rowdy dow dow
threw it in the tide for to rock and to row
and bade it a tedious returning

and we having no money paid them off in cracks
and we paid no respect to their two bloody backs
and we lathered them their like a pair of wet sacks
and left them for dead in the morning

and so to conclude and to finish disputes
we obligingly asked if they wanted recruits
for we were the lads who would give them hard clouts
and bid them look sharp in the morning

oh me and my cousin one Arthur Mcbride
as we went a walkin down by the seaside
now mark what followed and what did betide
for it being on Christmas morning.